About Us

SMEs are an integral part of economy.

Unassumingly supporting the business conglomerates, SMEs are also the key foundations for industrial thrust. Taking cognizance to their strategic importance, SMEs must demonstrate their dynamism by capitalizing on the opportunities of the New Knowledge Based Economy.

The building of strong business networks worldwide for international trade and collaboration in the global marketplace is therefore an immediate goal of the SMEs to go beyond its jurisdiction.

It is consistent with such vision in providing a strategic platform for global networking, SME International is formed both strategically and timely.

With SME International, SMEs shall have ready resources and support at their disposal to sustain and benefit from the rapid economic growth anticipated worldwide, thus ensuring their full participation in the New Economic that emphasize on value adding and the challenges of “de-commoditization”.

Through SME International, SMEs can also form strategic alliances around the world that smooth information exchange and sharing of the local know-how and experience.

Simply, SME International “Breaking the boundaries”!


To promote and maintain a platform for global network amongst SMEs worldwide for strategic alliance, business development, commercial innovation as well as the sharing of useful information, knowledge, experience and know-how.


While Promoting global networking as a strategic tool amongst SMEs, SME International aims to:

  1. Bridge the SMEs worldwide to connect, identify and explore prospects in international markets;
  2. Pool resources of SMEs worldwide for common good;
  3. Facilitate SMEs’ acquisition and exchange of new skills, knowledge and know-how;
  4. Empower the SMEs for international business with the relevant network and supports;
  5. Maintain and harness the strengths and features of SMEs in the global trade liberalization; and
  6. Liaise and foster ties with relevant international trade promotion organizations, foreign embassies, government authorities as well as foreign commercial chambers for promotion of international trade cooperation among SMEs.
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