Message From Executive Secretary

Taking queue from our motto “Breaking Boundaries”, we at SME International Malaysia are most definitely the “Boundaries Breakers”, so our this annual almanac is aptly named as such.

Encouraged by your constructive responses to our Business Report last year, the Board of Directors under the able leadership of Y Bhg Dato’ Syed Amin Aljeffri has decided to launch this annual almanac for SME International Malaysia – the Boundaries Breakers. This almanac intends to properly record our various activities for each calendar year for the benefit of members and a form of sharing with the world at large.

Our committee has invested a lot of effort into these activities and treasures your optimum capitalisation of the same. Similar or in fact greater effort has been implemented and planned for this year, we urge you as our members to maximise your participation to make the most out of these activities to grow your enterprises to new heights from time to time. Keep an eye for our notices in your mailbox.

This almanac is enriched by the many pictures taken through out the year. As the old saying goes “a picture tells a million words”, we trust you should treasure enchantingly the memory and experience that we commonly chartered.

Enjoy reading and we wish you ever success as our fellow Boundaries Breakers. Let’s celebrate SMALL as the new big!

Chris Tan Chur Pim
Executive Secretary
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